Life is a series…

Life is a series of events that undoubtedly point us on a very direct path. A series in the sense that each moment correlates to the next;  pointing us in a very given direction. By no means do I believe in a sense of predestination and I have always considered it cliche to suggest that “everything happens for a reason”.  However, when you really stop to look at the course of your life, particularly the moments where you have felt great pain or sadness, it is unreal how they directly point us to that one RIGHT thing.

Then suddenly a moment will come that totally throws your entire perception into a tailspin. When you are standing at the bottom, looking skyward, it is hard not to fathom how you came to this new place. Everyone has a story like this in their own life. In many cases we face moments like this in many aspects of our life from the time we are small children into adulthood. Yet perhaps the most jarring of these moments are those related to relationships.

None of this should come as a surprise when it comes to matters of the heart. Relationships, be it romantic or platonic, in their very essence are elements of our lives that encompass very powerful thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

When relationships are good they can result in intoxicating emotions. However, when a moment hits that shakes a significant relationship in our lives, it can be equally devastating.

Ultimately it is moments like this that, although challenging, show our very humanity. For without humanity we would feel no pain or disappointment.

The real challenge comes in learning to move on. In those dark moments, tears streaming down your face, it feels like the pain will never go away. Yet somehow, it happens one day. Maybe it is from meeting someone new, perhaps we find a new hobby or buy a new pet. The ebb and flow of life is a dizzying ride. Yet the resiliency we exhibit illustrates the very power of the hope and emotions we are capable of.

So what is the end of this story?

I can’t say for sure yet.

Maybe there is still hope within this moment that things will get better. Maybe it is time to move on. Before that point can be reached it is worthwhile to start at the beginning.


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